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Short term training certificate
Activity Codes
85422 Post-graduate level higher education
85590 Other education n.e.c.
85600 Educational support services
85421 First-degree level higher education
Thanks to those who informed the London Modern Science College in various ways about the disruption to www.lms-college.com, which unfortunately was caused by profiteers who entered the site panel. They have changed the partner professors and some issued documents along with their pictures and uploaded unrealistic content.
College first disabled it in order to prevent further access to the site, and will have legal and criminal prosecution of the perpetrators.
We apologize to you and inform you, London Modern Science College with registration number 10806837 is a virtual private college established in 2017 and has 7 associate professors from universities in Islamic and non-Islamic countries and also it is an observer member without voting right of  CINVU, applied for membership in the first general assembly of that network in 2018 in order to strengthen and take advantage of the capacities of this huge academic organization and was accepted as an observer member with the consent of the CINVU academic members, and college  was a member until the end of 2020 and also paid a membership fee.
This college according to its statute can hold training courses regarding following items:
85421 - First-degree level higher education
85422 - Post-graduate level higher education
85590 - Other education not elsewhere classified
85600 - Educational support services
 And so far has only operated in the field of free virtual education and has signed memorandum of cooperation with various universities to hold training courses.
Also, according to its criteria, with the opinion of the founding board and the jury, which are professors working with this college, can award honorary doctorates to individuals who recognize and have resumes in various fields, according to the governing regulations, such as the proposal or request of the individual or organization. Then documents will be reviewed by the college and voted on by the jury, and this degree is purely honorary and under the title of an award, and not a science degree that many scientific, cultural and artistic colleges in Europe issue at the discretion of the founding board and the jury. No institution is evaluated it and is not eligible for employment in government agencies, and the use of the doctorate title for the awarded person is not allowed and is considered a mark of honor. The criteria of it are available on this site and other reputable sources.
Of course, some of the members who received honorary and free diplomas from this college were for the sake of appreciation, which was at the request of this college and not at the request of respected personalities, none of whom were in the process of issuing the honorary documents.
In the end, while apologizing to you as our colleagues, partner companies and international organizations, especially the network of virtual universities in the Islamic world that the problems related to the site of the London Modern Sciences College have caused some suspicions to that international organization and its esteemed members.
CINVU is a reputable scientific, technological and international institution affiliated to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and its important and prestigious universities are its members, in addition to their membership, and according to the CINVU Charter approved in 2018 and the Executive Committee Regulations approved in 2019, Educational and research institutions , less developed virtual colleges and centers can also become members in order to play a role in the field of smart education in order to strengthen and take advantages from its capacities.
Hereafter Due to the disruption caused to the college site, the utmost care is applied in the field of cyber security management.
Thank you.
Sincerely Yours
Prof. Ali Ehteshami
Dean of the London Modern Science College